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  • I'm Alan Gabay, an actor (I know, right?). 

  • I graduated from Muhlenberg College in 2016 with a Major in Theatre and a double minor in Creative Writing and Math, and yes I am privy to how weird that last part is, I do that song and dance whenever I get acquainted with literally anyone.

  • Speaking of Song and Dance, I am also somewhat of a Singer, a baritone with range g2-g4, and... I can move my body somewhat rhythmically so that's my dance background out of the way. 

  • Currently I am under non-exclusive representation with BMG talent and hopefully in the future you if that suits your fancy.

  • I absolutely loathe these "about me" pages on actor websites but here we are I guess.

  • Oh, I also do voice acting, I have had a year and a half of training from Edge Studio with Anne Hartung and Jay Snyder (who you may know as "Yugi" from "Yugioh"), and there are a couple of great samples of that a few tabs over. 

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